[ 4 Hands ]


Live audio & video performance
Multimedia instrumental duet


4Hands and 4Hands play live electroacoustic music

4Hands and 4Hands play live video projected on a main screen

only 4Hands 4Hands and 4Hands 4Hands are visible on stage,
filmed and projected on two lateral screens.

4Hands: Eyecon system

Gestures are analysed by two EyeCon Systems
(video motion tracking), then transmitted
to sound and picture production means.
(Photo: Oliver Killig - www.soloimage.de)



4 Hands is a multimedia instrumental duet
investigating the sensitive world
and the stimulating relations between
technology, gesture, sound and image.

Two performers are on stage.
Four hands spin, caress, knock, scratch, stretch, describe complex arabesques, strange figures. The gestures of the instrumentalists obviously control images and sounds, but no instrument is visible !


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[mp3 200ko] [Excerpt 2 mp3 260ko] Quicktime / 1'20 / 1.7 Mo [jpeg pictures]




4Hands  4Hands is Jean-Marc DUCHENNE, videast and interpret
4Hands  4Hands is Bertrand MERLIER, composer and interpret

4 Hands is produced by THELEME CONTEMPORAIN - FRANCE

want to know more ?
PDF documentation
for the CYNETart Festival
Dresden - 2002

mail of Theleme Contemporain


  • july 2002 : creation residence in Dresden (Germany) Workshop Realtime and Presence (organised by Trans Media Academy & funded by Culture 2000 program of European Union)
  • 12 sept 02 : presentation and demonstration at Ars Electronica Festival - Linz - Austria
  • 07 nov 02 : premiere at CYNETart Festival in Dresden (Germany)
    with the help of the French Alliance
  • 1 may 03 : Wroclaw Contemporary art Biennale - Polish art foundation (Poland)
    " Thank you very much for your great performance, as we know 4Hands was totally hit for WRO audience! "
  • 27 nov 03 : d-motion festival (Interaktive Medien) - Halle (RFA)
  • 2 mar 04 : Montélimar - Saison culturelle - (FRANCE)
  • 17 mar 04 : Festival Musiques en Scène - Amphithéatre de l'Opéra de Lyon (FRANCE)
  • 2 sept 06 : Festival of Sound and Light transNATURALE in the landscape park of Bärwalder See (80 km outside Dresden - RFA)